Transition Planning

We make sure you are in your fully-operating facility, with all staff trained and ready to go, on day one. By coordinating hundreds of scopes of work, overseeing move sequencing schedules with thousands of deadlines and milestones, managing dozens of professionals, FDI gets you from point A to point B, with an organized, timely transition plan. In our 30 years of service, our team has successfully executed transition plans on over 300 projects in over 2 billion SF of space.

Critical to this effort is the need for a comprehensive approach. From interfacing with staff work groups, to following a well-organized schedule, communicating openly and regularly, and utilizing helpful templates and cloud-based tools to assist your staff in planning -– we help prepare your staff for the transition, but allow them to stay focused on their day-to-day jobs. It’s people who are facing change, so our focus is on their needs and helping them plan for operational efficiencies from the very start.

People, property, equipment, procedures and processes -- FDI is responsible for ensuring that every operational function of the facility runs smoothly after the new building is occupied. We’ll take care of it.

  • Franciscan Health Michigan City | Michigan City, IN

    420,000 SF 108-bed Replacement Hospital Services: Transition Planning, Occupancy Planning, Move Management
  • Don Knabe Wellness Center at Rancho Los Amigos Rehabilitation Center | Los Angeles, CA

    15,000 SF Clinic Expansion  Services: Transition Planning, Move Management, Logistics, Equipment Planning and Procurement, Equipment Placement and Startup
  • Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital | San Francisco, CA

    500,000 SF Hospital Expansion Services: Occupancy Planning, Move Management, Post-Occupancy Planning, Equipment Logistics
  • Hall of Justice | Los Angeles, CA

    Office Relocation of 1,600 people from 13 locations into the newly-restored Hall of Justice. Services: Transition Planning, Logistics, Scheduling, Estimating
  • Highland Hospital, a member of Alameda Health System | Oakland, CA

    592,000 SF, nine-story, 139-bed Acute Care Tower Services: Transition Planning, Occupancy Planning, Move Management, Logistics, Equipment Planning and Validation, Equipment Planning and Start-up, Reclamation and Decommissioning
  • Banner Health Phoenix Corporate Headquarters | Phoenix, AZ

    Relocation of corporate staff and equipment from four locations into 14 floors in two buildings in a three month time frame Services: Transition Planning, Scheduling, Equipment Procurement, FF&E Installation Management, and Logistics
  • LAC+USC Medical Center | Los Angeles, CA

    1,500,000 SF 3-tower medical center Services: Transition Planning (operational, occupancy and post-occupancy), Move Management, , Scheduling, Equipment Validation, Equipment Procurement, Logistics, Equipment Placement and Startup, Scheduling
  • University of Arizona Cancer Center | Phoenix, AZ

    250,000 SF cancer center Services: Equipment Procurement, Procurement Schedule, Logistics, Equipment Placement, PO Requisitions, Transition Planning

Operational Planning

When a facility invests in a new location and a new environment, some of the returns on that investment come in the form of new opportunities for increased operational efficiencies.
Part of our job at FDI is to gain buy-in from employees on work flow changes that are part and parcel of the move, so we engage employees in decision-making. We facilitate work group meetings to deconstruct work processes, fostering collaboration and interaction to openly spot inefficiencies and focus on new LEAN ways of working. We offer numerous tools to show them how, every step of the way, and identify job tasks and activities necessary to complete the workload -- all of these to better serve your clients and increase the company bottom line.
At most workspaces, clients are customers–and at our hospital facilities, clients are patients: a very special group. Overall, to best serve clients, your employees have the most insight into their work procedures, and we engage them to aggressively evaluate how they work to ensure they bring the best overall level of performance into their new space.

Budget Development

We've led and controlled transition plans for thirty years. We analyze programming, challenge budget assumptions and provide guidelines to anticipate, track and control the expenses that accompany every Transition/Activation project. 
FDI can provide you with our budgetary planning expertise during the development of draft documents and deliver a final comprehensive Transition/Activation budget–and we can also manage your budget during the project to make sure you stay on-track.

Service Delivery Redesign

Lean thinking and 'future state' planning lead to enhanced operational efficiencies. We guide teams on the front end of a project with a collaborative approach to assess department and team interdependencies to remove process obstacles, determine goals for improvement and quality measurements, and to drive decisions in the creation of future state operations and flow.
We also provide testing strategies to ensure a high measure of success once occupancy is achieved. This can include operational simulations or detailed day-in-the-life scenario planning and executions to fully test anticipated conditions and use of equipment. Frequently requested by our hospital clients, our Day in the Life Exercises (DIL) let teams test their newly-planned processes and procedures as we guide your staff through writing and practicing mock patient care scenarios to validate operations and workflows. The exercises identify and address patient/staff safety issues, verify protocols/procedures and systems integration, and facilitate open channels of communication among participants.

Change Management

New environments are inherently opportunities for improvement. Some of us are less amenable to change then others. Detrimental habits can be reborn into efficiencies with proper planning and engagement of staff.
One of the most challenging responsibilities we have at FDI is helping our clients manage process change. When a facility invests in a new location and a new environment, some of the returns on that investment come in the form of increased efficiencies and effectiveness. To take the greatest advantage of those opportunities, your staff needs to commit to and support changes. At FDI, we know that different people prefer different methods of communication, so we help personnel understand their new space, in ways they are most receptive, to discover the best ways to operate effectively and efficiently.

Licensing / Regulatory

Compliance with licensing, regulatory and potential accreditation requirements in a new facility must be addressed at the outset and handled with care throughout your transition planning effort. 
We ensure readiness of staff, equipment, and facility for the ever-changing public health requirements on city, state and federal levels. We are proud of our sustained relationships with agencies-having-jurisdiction and are experts in how to cultivate and maintain them.

Education, Training & Orientation

FDI provides structure, core tools and collaborative guidance to ensure education and training occurs efficiently and comprehensively. We support training at project levels as well as department/team-specific levels, creating customized schedules for each area to ensure requirements are met and staff is fully trained on all necessary procedures and equipment.
Collaboration of this effort requires communication across the entire organization to match timeframes and vendor visits, and FDI brings all these essential pieces together.

Move Sequencing

To make sure things fall correctly into place, we create a project-specific move sequence planning questionnaire and conduct interviews with managers from the relocating departments in an effort to develop a comprehensive equipment, furniture, and contents move phasing program. FDI also ensures this integrated department move sequence is based on operational requirements, so each move follows our clients' needs. Whether it is a simple warehouse location change or a full-blown hospital move involving medical equipment, nursing technologies and patient transfers, we have successfully managed all the components on hundreds of moves.

We also work side-by-side with the hired moving firms to coordinate schedules amongst all the parties, including ancillary departments, vendors and more. FDI can also write the mover RFP and conduct the interview process for you–we've got you covered.

Staff Transfer Coordination

Prior to an anticipated move, a great amount of staff anxiety and uncertainty can be alleviated with a Move Plan. The more information shared, the better. Our Move Manuals include schedules, team roles and responsibilities, move strategies and assumptions, communication requirements, and identification of move equipment requirements. FDI will also support a mock move rehearsal with the teams and conduct a debriefing after it, so prior to the staff's actual move any problematic experiences can be reworked to ensure moving day success.
In a hospital, patient moves are also a huge concern. We provide guidance to your clinical staff in creating Patient Move Manuals as part of our services. These manuals cover patient move strategies and assumptions, department responsibilities, day-of-move plans, operational checklists, and pre-determined support service plans so everything the staff can worry about during the move is well-covered.