Accurate Cost Management

Delivering projects that meet the needs of the client while also maintaining the desired project budget is a challenge on most jobs. How many times has a project been delayed or shelved due to inaccurate cost information? FDI’s cost management experts started in the field, performing the actual work, and are now skilled estimators with decades of experience. FDI also has in-house architectural/structural andMEP estimators that can perform a design review of the proposed project for cost implications as well as current day cost analysis.

FDI’s estimating team supports clients and their design teams to help make informed decisions, in real time, tailored to the needs of the client (not the cost consultant). Starting as early as the concept stage, FDI takes the uncertainty out of the budget, making the design process smoother and more effective. Our accurate cost feedback helps our clients make sound decisions that dramatically reduce the chances of expensive value management sessions, redesign, and additional delays.


  • Scottsdale Fashion Square Lux Wing | Scottsdale, AZ

    86,000 SF lux wing interior remodel, 32,000 SF exterior facade upgrades, and new site utilities
  • Chandler Regional Medical Center | Chandler, AZ

    New 183,050 SF five-story patient tower
  • Desert Diamond Casino & Hotel | Tucson, AZ

    New 165,804 SF casino and 151,000 SF, four-story hotel
  • Hacienda at the Canyon CCRC | Tucson, AZ

    72 assisted living units, 43 club member units, 119 independent living units (325 beds), theater, wellness center and dining
  • Marian Regional Medical Center | Santa Maria, CA

    237,000 SF, four-story, 181-bed patient replacement hospital
  • Phoenix Children’s Hospital | Phoenix, AZ

    237,000 SF, four-story, 181-bed patient replacement hospital, 31,000 SF new cast-in-place central plant, 250,000 SF, 750-car cast-in-place garage and 198,000 SF, 500-car precast parking garage
  • Scottsdale Fashion Square Phase 11 | Scottsdale, AZ

    143,000 SF of shell retail with 50,000 SF on grade and 93,000 SF elevated over existing parking garage exit
  • University of Arizona Health Science Innovation Building | Tucson, AZ

    New 226,000 SF, 10-story health sciences education and research building
  • Hotel Valley Ho | Scottsdale, AZ

    New 220,000 SF seven-story tower for 194 guest rooms and 37 luxury condominiums; new 14,930 SF, two-story guest wing for 20 rooms and additional amenities
  • Wild Horse Pass Casino | Chandler, AZ

    223,100 SF casino and 192,800 SF, 10-story, 242-room hotel and conference center, 246,650 SF, 4-story, 801-car parking garage
  • Arizona State University Armstrong Hall Renovation | Tempe, AZ

    100,000 SF building adaptation including a 400-seat lecture hall for College of Liberal Arts & Sciences as well as upgrade building deficiencies to achieve LEED Silver certification
  • Solterra Bridgewater Midtown Assisted Living Community | Phoenix, AZ

    New 115,600 SF, 7-story, 164-bed low-income assisted living facility including 36 memory care units with amenities

Concept Estimates

Using Modelogix, along with our extensive historical cost library, FDI can provide Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) level estimates based on the program area and/or basic floor plans. These services are best suited for the early conceptual design or as a low cost validation of a detailed estimate or GMP.

Real Time Estimates

Projects are moving through design faster than ever, so cost feedback needs to be provided in a real time basis to avoid massive budget corrections and costly redesign. By extracting quantities off 3D models, we can quickly respond to design changes and eliminate costly redesigns due to cost overruns.


Differentiation Documents

Differentiation Documents (a.k.a. “Diffy Doc”) defines ALL project scope (hard and soft costs) and identifies who is the responsible party for the performance or delivery of the scope. This is an excellent tool to facilitate communication between the Owner, Designer and Contractor. The earlier this is done during design/preconstruction, the greater likelihood that scope omissions are avoided, ensuring a smoother delivery of the project that ultimately reduces work for all parties involved in the project.



Estimate Reviews

With Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP), Milestone Estimates, or Design Build proposal reviews, we provide an in-depth evaluation of any of the following areas: scope, quantities, pricing, and qualifications. These are an important part of communicating scope, design assumptions, and cost associated with each milestone.


FDI can also provide an in-depth review and analysis of change orders for scope, quantities, pricing and logistics. By providing these various estimate reviews, FDI has the in-house ability to tailor each estimate to the needs of the client so they are paying for exactly what they need.